We had a severe weather alert on the coast on Friday, but nevertheless people showed up for Axwell’s gig at Ambasada Gavioli. The wind was awful, it was well below freezing.

The entrance to my surprise was not crowded at all, although it was nearly half past midnight. I was shocked at the security protocol. They frisked everybody and they were really thorough with it. Hasn’t happened to me in a long time.

A few things disrupted otherwise a pretty good event. Before Axwell came on the stage they were pushing the sound logo a bit too much. It repeated several times through one hour. It was nearly spoiling the quality of the listening. The dance floor was packed, but the rest of the venue had a pretty normal flow. The only minus was the passage from the closed area to the smoking area. Total traffic jam.

After Axwell came on there was no way for somebody to get in front of the stage besides the crowd that was already there – fans with flags and posters. They lasted until he left the stage, no one could get past. Dedication indeed. As for the rest of the people one could think they have no idea about the music that was played to them. It felt they were here for the party itself not the artist. An acquaintance I met there said he had no idea who Axwell was which actually stunned me.  Also it seems people did not recognize the tracks as they were played, maybe a few of the most popular (e.g. Save The World, I Found You, One More Time). The set lasted about 2 hours which was surprising (from about 1.30 to 3.50).

Tracks used: Every Teardrop Is A Waterfall (Coldplay), Save the World, Levels (Avicii), Ressurection, In My Mind, Promises (Nero), Antidote, One, Nothing But Love, Teenage Crime (Adrian Lux), I’m Coming Home (Diddy), One More Time (Daft Punk), great mash of I Found You and Knas (Steve Angelo), So Close (Calvin Harris), Leave The World and others. Good selection, nice remixes used.

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