Nicolas Jaar: “Commercial Dance is the Epitome of Capitalism”

I just had to post this, it pertains to a MixMags excerpt.

This particular sentence has made me re-read it a couple of times:

“If you go see David Guetta or a DJ you’re gonna go to a club, drink five drinks, then get drunk and buy even more and stay for seven hours.”

It seems like he’s not qualifying Guetta as a DJ. Or is it just out of context? :)

Original article.


The beginnings

This has taken me quite a while, but looking at this excerpt it feels little was done. I went to the library and realized they have a very poor choice when it comes to electronic music books.

There were some add ons to the text in the book here and there:

One of the books had torn out pages (sadly right by Ferry Corsten’s description):

Now to the actual post.

MJ said »Everyday create your history«.

I’m not a fan of history at all, but this one is much more fun. Things like where the term House came from  (the first parties were held in warehouses) etc.

I went through the below books and checked the names that rang a bell. I’ll be providing a very short list . I’ve decided not to put videos and tracks in, but you can find a link in the text.

The two books were:

–          The Virgin Encyclopedia of Dance Music by Colin Larkin and

–          All Music Guide to Electronica, several authors.

Descriptions of artists in the books that had lots of useless mumbo jumbo were supplemented with links from Wikipedia. I had more stuff written down for the artists, but when reviewing I found it irrelevant, so I deleted it.

So here we go:

Adam Beyer

Another One

Carl Cox

Involved in development of acid house, he was the first to introduce the third deck.  He released his ow record in 1991 with a hit single I Want You (Forever).


Cassius 1999  (I always thought the name of the track was Sometimes)

La Mouche


Ferry Corsten

Daft Punk

In 1992 they released a song Darling while being influenced by the Beach Boys. In 1994 they released New Wave influenced by house coming from the UK.

In 1995 Da Funk was created and in 1996 Musique was added to the list.

Deep Dish

High Frequency

John Digweed

DJ Rolando


Felix the Housecat

His first track was Phantasy Girl.

Laurent Garnier

Helped establish European hard trance scene.

Groove Armada

Named after 70′ discotheque, I See You Baby.

Gus Gus

Founded in 1995, Iceland. There was a lot of varying in the number of band members.



Richie Hawtin,

Also known as Plastikman, F.U.S.E.  He released Approach and Identify.

Train Trac


Early house:

Colonel Abrams – Music Is the Answer

J.M. Silk – Music is The Key

Jamie Principle – Waiting On My Angel (House)

Jackmaster funk- Aw Shucks

Marshall Jefferson

Acid house, one of the books mentions track I Found You, but I cannot find a record of it. I recommend Move Your Body for reference.

Joey Negro

Made a bunch of remixes first. Refer to Do It Believe It for original work.

Junior Vasquez


Get your Hands Off My Man

Frankie Knuckles

Credited with creating the house scene in Chicago.


Baby Wants To Ride

La Bouche

Sweet Dreams

M People

Colour My Love

How Can I Love You More

Moving On Up

(now I know where my enthusiasm started ;) )

Timo Maas 

Final XS

Die Herdplatte

Robert Miles



One & One


Jeff Mills

I could only find Utopia


Richard Melville Hall, named Moby because he could track his ancestors back to Herman Melville.


I Feel It



Where is the What if the What is in Why

David Morales

Leader of remixers.

Forever Luv

Erick Morillo

I Like To Move It (had never known this was his)

House Of Love

Paul Oakenfold

You’re not Alone

Phats & Small

European rebirth of disco and progressive house.

Turn Around

Feel Good

Mr. Oizo

Went in to the music biz by coincidence, when Laurent Garnier bought a car from his father.

Flat Beat


Known for their interesting live shows and acts.

What Evil Lurks


Roger Sanchez

Sumba Lumba

Release Yo Self

Caught in the middle

Sasha & John Digweed

Heaven Scent

Techno – roots

Derrick May – Strings of Life

Juan Atkins – No UFO’s

Inner City Feat. Kevin Saunderson – Big Fun

Danny Tenaglia

Glammer girl

Bottom Heavy

Barbara Tucker

Especially known by her vocals.

Beautiful People

Utah Saints

Known for using samples  with a backbeat.

What Can You Do For Me

Something Good

Armand van Helden

Witch Doctor

Sven Vath

Accident in Paradise


Remember Bingo Players‘s hit Cry (Just A Little)?

Original sample:

Awesome track. Too bad for the pitch though.

Maybe you’re going to recognise the following two:


It’s ATFC’s Bad Habit sample.



And this one’s Junior Jack’s Stupidisco sample.

The next one… made me laugh, but cry just after. I really  thought Daft Punk was totally original!



Hello!? He’s talking about a freaking Cola Bottle! I don’t think I need to write down Daft Punk’s track down, right? Well, for those who are absolutely ignorant when it comes to fantastic electronic music – it’s Harder Better Faster, Just to add to the end – the below genius idea has twice as many views as the track!

I don’t know what makes this so fun, but it is. ;)

Do you remember

This was a while ago, right?

D Kay & Rawfull – Be There 4 U

Shakedown – At Night (Kid Creme Remix)

Room 5 feat. Oliver Cheatham – Make luv

Eddie Amador – Rise

Soulsearcher – Do It to Me Again (Club Mix)

ATFC ft Lisa Millett – Bad Habit

Modjo – Lady (Hear Me Tonight)

Junior Jack – Dare Me (Stupidisco)

Still loving it!

There was a beginning

This is a spin-off of my first blog. The posts published weren’t in sync so I decided I’d better launch another blog. Also half of the posts were in Slovenian, half in English.
Music is something pure and I wanted the new blog to be just that.  You can always turn to the old blog and search the  Music category to see my early posts. I’m not going to be migrating the older posts, as I want the blog be fresh.

I’ll start posting in 2012.
To new beginnings!