Feat Pete Josef


Secretive fella. From the UK. Part of the Reprazent (guitarist), plays the piano too. But the thing is you got to hear his voice.

Lavender (2012), a non electronic piece (consider yourself warned), it’s worth every second:

How You Make Me Smile with Jody Wisternoff (2012):

Love Finds Me with Beta 2 (2012)

Quite a range of genres, right? On the uprise for sure.

Links to Official Page, SoundCloud.

Feat Haley


Haley Gibby, from the US,  just turned 30.

Debut with Kaskade in 2006 – Soft Upon the Lips:

Solo album Summer of Space (2007)

Deadmau5 & Kaskade collab –  I remember, Move For Me, both released in 2008:

Other collaborations with Kaskade: Arrival (2006), Step One Two (2008), So Far Away (2009).

Track with ATB – Gravity (2009)

Another solo in 2010  – All this love:

For further tracks check Kaskade’s Dynasty album (2010) and Fire & Ice (2011).

Soundcloud, FB.

Feat Billy Newton-Davis


Born in 1951, gospel singer of course. Originally from Cleveland, but moved to Canada.
In 1989 he recorded a pop duet with Celine Dion (Can’t Live with You, Can’t Live Without You).
After joining an a cappella group in 1991 he sang tenor till 1994 when he left the group for his solo career.

I’ve first heard Billy in deadmau5’s Outta My Life (2009):

Because of his voice I perceived the track really energetic, although the lyrics may not seem so.

Promise Land (found only remixes):

Another track with deadmau5, released in 2009 was All You Ever Want:

Try his Soundcloud and MySpace for further temptations.

Feat Max C


A few weeks ago I featured the following song:

(I DO admit the reason I featured this track is mostly vocals, “classic” house style)

After listening to it for a few times I found the vocal quite familiar. This is why:

Max C
Sometimes spelled as Max’C he’s a versatile performer, besides being a singer he is also a songwriter, dancer, choreographer, teacher and actor. His areas of expertise are: vocal house, gospel, R&B, soul.
From Louisville, in the 80′ he moved to Helsinki (Finland), his house career began in the early 90’s with 3rd Nation (One Nation, I Believe).
He was properly (well, debatable of course) introduced to EDM with the help of  Axwell (the track was released in 2006):

I Miss You with Brever & Bakchos (released in 2010)

Into The Night with Carl Kennedy

Nothing Really Matters  with K-System

In The Sunshine with Disfunktion