Feat Nu:Tone


Dan Gresham, aged 36, started playing the piano at age 8, joined a choir in Cambridge shortly after that.

Jet Stream feat Talc (2007)

Bacalava (2009)

Shine In (Feat. Natalie Williams) (2011)

Ebb & Flow (2012)

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Feat Gramatik


Denis Jašarević, fellow countryman.

You can download most of his tracks, no worries, he’s knowingly giving them for free according to his “digital freedom” principle.

The following track totally baffled me. Acid sample over a funky base. Must admit I’ve never noticed such a combination before. Crazy idea but it works.

Virtual Insight (2009)

Dungeon Sound (2010)

Just Jammin (2012)

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Feat Rockwell


Thomas Green, not much bio is accessible on the internet. Keeping low profile it seems.

My artist alert went on after hearing this:

Underpass (2009)

Which was followed by Full Circle in 2010:

His latest mix for Mixmag

An album is being prepared for 2013. Looking forward.

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Feat Burial


William Bevan, besides an old interview I’ve found little info about him.  Staying low is his motto I guess. As far as I know he doesn’t even own an official page.

But this guy keeps surprising.

This is one of the latest tracks done together with Four Tet – Nova (2012)

Archangel (2007)

So dark, but yet so light.

Besides Archangel Street Halo and Stolen Dog (both 2011) are his most bought tracks (according to Beatport):

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Feat The Kalkbrenners

Source: FB

They’re coming, both Fritz and Paul this May, one to the event in the capital and the other to the coast (Ambasada Gavioli).

If you haven’t heard of the two you should first see Berlin Calling and then The Live Documentary that was shot in 2010.

I recommend checking Paul’s Soundcloud channel. My personal favourite from the OST is  Aaron

Square 1 and Azure are tracks that are not to be missed too.

He retained the same style in his latest album Icke Wieder:

Der Breuzen

You can listen to previews of the tracks on Beatport.

At the first glance both brothers have really different tastes when it comes to producing, but they collide when making the BC soundtrack. Later on we see Fritz has captured some of the brother’s style in Wes.

It indeed made my cut.