Feat Nu:Tone


Dan Gresham, aged 36, started playing the piano at age 8, joined a choir in Cambridge shortly after that.

Jet Stream feat Talc (2007)

Bacalava (2009)

Shine In (Feat. Natalie Williams) (2011)

Ebb & Flow (2012)

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Feat Deezim


Another elusive artist from the UK named Shelley.
You should hear her MC/sing  live, makes a swell impression, usually teams up with Makoto. The collab started in 2003  – Makoto sent his work to her and she would add the vocal part.

Untold with Makoto (2009)

Change with A Sides (2010)

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Feat Pete Josef


Secretive fella. From the UK. Part of the Reprazent (guitarist), plays the piano too. But the thing is you got to hear his voice.

Lavender (2012), a non electronic piece (consider yourself warned), it’s worth every second:

How You Make Me Smile with Jody Wisternoff (2012):

Love Finds Me with Beta 2 (2012)

Quite a range of genres, right? On the uprise for sure.

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Feat Gramatik


Denis Jašarević, fellow countryman.

You can download most of his tracks, no worries, he’s knowingly giving them for free according to his “digital freedom” principle.

The following track totally baffled me. Acid sample over a funky base. Must admit I’ve never noticed such a combination before. Crazy idea but it works.

Virtual Insight (2009)

Dungeon Sound (2010)

Just Jammin (2012)

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Feat Rockwell


Thomas Green, not much bio is accessible on the internet. Keeping low profile it seems.

My artist alert went on after hearing this:

Underpass (2009)

Which was followed by Full Circle in 2010:

His latest mix for Mixmag

An album is being prepared for 2013. Looking forward.

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